Tourist farm Žagar

Tourist farm Žagar

Tourist farm Žagar is located in Bela Krajina in the settlement of Damelj.

Damelj is located just 6 km from Vinica in the direction of Stari trg ob Kolpa.

We are located in the heart of the Kolpa Landscape Park and we are only 1.5 km from the southernmost point of Slovenia, which is in the village of Kot pri Damlju.

Just 100 meters from the Žagar Tourist Farm, flows the calm and warm river Kolpa.

Next to it is one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools on the Kolpa River and a natural climbing area.

Our tourist farm has a 4-apple quality label.

With the label, we ensure that we provide an interesting and active holiday experience, even when children come to the farm unaccompanied by parents, often with their educators.

Our farm stay programs include getting to know nature and farm work, as well as animated games under the careful guidance of educators or other professionally trained personnel.

The Žagar family has been upholding traditions and hospitality for many years.

Botanist and veterinarian Janez Mihael Žagar designed the family coat of arms centuries ago, under which the Žagar family welcomes visitors to our farm.